Resident Testimonials

"I have a place to live, and they love me. They do everything they can to see that I am happy.” ~Hazel Alger (Heartland Assisted Living resident)

“At the hospital they said, ‘You’ll never walk again.’ Hell, I proved ’em wrong,” ~Saatzer (Resident rehabilitated while at Heartland)

“’s entirely different. I come and go as I please. They’re agreeable, If there’s something I particularly like to eat, they’ll make it.” ~Margaret Woehst

"I would not want to be anywhere else! The employees and residents are very nice and the meals are delicious... And I can see the Beartooth mountains! Sunrises and sunsets!!" ~Monte Enberg (New Resident)

Welcome to Heartland Assisted Living Center

We are situated within minutes of Red Lodge and the Beartooth Mountain Range; just 6 miles from Joliet and 40 miles from Billings, we offer a farm-style assisted living center.

Why Choose Heartland Assisted Living?
Heartland was built on hard work and integrity; both qualities you would find on a farm. That is why it is so fitting to have our facility at the heart of a working farm. There are so many things that make us stand out from any other assisted living facility you can find. We are not your typical “indoor” assisted living facility! By being set on a farm in rural Montana, there are just as many, if not more, outdoor activities offered as there are indoor activities!

The facility has so many aspects that excite and engage our residents! The following is a list of what this unique, working farm, assisted living facility has to offer:

· A fishing pond, with fish ready and waiting for that one hook that is baited just right to draw them onto your fishing line! 
· Feed the pigs and their seasonal litter of piglets.
· Our horses provide an excellent asset to the view as they graze in your backyard; lure them in for a pet with a carrot and you can experience them up close and personal.
· The ducks and chickens on the property are always looking for a tasty snack, or a spectator as they gracefully swim in the pond.
· A miniature golf course, for all of our golf enthusiasts.
· A workshop for our hands on residents who still enjoy the art and challenge of craftsmen-ship. 
· The option for a personal, elevated garden.
· Our property is complete with landscaping that provides pleasant areas to watch the animals or to just relax and read a book or converse with one of the other members of the community.
· There are several options to entertain our residents, but if there is something that seems to still be missing, we will do our best to accommodate your desires!

Montana is known for its simplicity, bold beauty and its majestic scenery. We have taken these traits and transformed them into the heart and soul of Heartland Assisted Living. The facility is located on sprawling property that has a variety of fascinating views. We can draw in potential residents with our location, but what makes them want to be a part of our community are the opportunities they have to enjoy the great outdoors and the joy they will find in gaining back some simplicity in their life.

All suites are all- inclusive, which means no charge for any extra nurse calls or vital checks. We give only the best care with lots of socializing and entertainment with a “back at home feeling”.

We Call This Heartland Because Our Hearts Are In It!