Resident Testimonials

"I have a place to live, and they love me. They do everything they can to see that I am happy.” ~Hazel Alger (Heartland Assisted Living resident)

“At the hospital they said, ‘You’ll never walk again.’ Hell, I proved ’em wrong,” ~Saatzer (Resident rehabilitated while at Heartland)

“’s entirely different. I come and go as I please. They’re agreeable, If there’s something I particularly like to eat, they’ll make it.” ~Margaret Woehst

"I would not want to be anywhere else! The employees and residents are very nice and the meals are delicious... And I can see the Beartooth mountains! Sunrises and sunsets!!" ~Monte Enberg (New Resident)

Our Principles of Service

1. Preservation of Dignity • Each individual’s life experiences come together to form a unique road map of their life; we honor this and always give each person the respect they deserve. Each and every day should be a pleasant one; it is our goal to maintain this outlook. Activities are meaningful and are designed to give a sense of purpose and to be a source of pride and accomplishment for the resident. 

2. Nurturing of Spirit • Happiness is derived from the health of the mind, body, and spirit. We offer a variety of activities that focus on mental exercise, interaction with other residents to provide a social atmosphere, as well as the fulfillment of spiritual preferences so that our residents can maintain their happiness and provide well-rounded health care. 

3. Acknowledgement of Individuality • Services provided are based on each individual resident’s needs. Our staff is capable of assisting with everyday tasks as well as providing the desired level of personal assistance that the resident may request. A personalized Service Plan will be created for each resident based upon their Medical Assessment as well as through daily interaction, wellness needs, and any unique characteristics that a resident may possess. 

4. Freedom of Choice • We honor everyone’s freedom of choice at Heartland. We offer customized meals, each resident’s favorite snacks and beverages, etc. Each resident’s input is always considered when deciding on an outing or what to watch on TV. We will not wake you unless it is a necessity for your care or safety; we want to empower our residents with the option to go about their day however they please. 

5. Promoting Independence • Although we will always be there to assist our residence in whatever task is at hand, we also want to encourage our residents to be independent. Our facility is designed to promote easy and safe mobility through-out. Staff members will promote resident independence wherever possible during the course of the day. 

6. Involvement of Friends and Family • Friends and family are a crucial part to anyone’s quality of life; that’s why Heartland, encourages friends and family members to participate in any and all activities and events. There are no “visiting hours”; we are pleased to have you any time of the day! Communication will always be open, and regular, between family members/ responsible parties in regards to a resident. To ensure that we are providing the best care possible to our residents, we recognize that effective communication is important and necessary. We would love to see family members and friends join us for outings and our backyard BBQ’s!