Resident Testimonials

"I have a place to live, and they love me. They do everything they can to see that I am happy.” ~Hazel Alger (Heartland Assisted Living resident)

“At the hospital they said, ‘You’ll never walk again.’ Hell, I proved ’em wrong,” ~Saatzer (Resident rehabilitated while at Heartland)

“’s entirely different. I come and go as I please. They’re agreeable, If there’s something I particularly like to eat, they’ll make it.” ~Margaret Woehst

"I would not want to be anywhere else! The employees and residents are very nice and the meals are delicious... And I can see the Beartooth mountains! Sunrises and sunsets!!" ~Monte Enberg (New Resident)

Mission Statement

Our mission at Heartland Assisted Living is to maintain, if not improve, our residents’ quality of life by addressing each individuals physical, social, and mental needs. We cater to relatively independent senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. We provide housing in our unique, farm-style facility, home cooked meals, the opportunity to not only watch our numerous farm animals, but also have the option to feed and have hands on in interaction with them, all the while, receiving around the clock supervision and assistance. We promote independence and encourage maximum self-determination through recreational, fitness, and social activities.

Our Core Values: 

Compassion: Our staff members are all driven to provide an environment based on compassion and integrity that represents the joy they take in caring for others.

Devotion: We are devoted to giving the highest quality of care.

Dignity: Each day will consist of dignified and self-fulfilling activities.

Engaged: We want all of residents to feel as though they are an asset to our assisted living facility; by being able to actively interact with the animals found on the farm, not only are we providing an activity but also our own form of animal therapy. Animals have been found to reduce stress and enhance quality of life. It also gives our residents a sense of confidence and self-worth knowing that they can help with some of the care-taking duties of these animals.

Involved: We strive to have a close-knit living community. Our staff are committed to interacting with our residents so that they feel comfortable and included. We also take pride in actively participating in surrounding community functions and activities.

Respect: Each resident will be treated with respect and with admiration for their life experiences.

Trust: We appreciate the opportunity to care for your loved one and guarantee an honest and forthcoming atmosphere.

Wellness: Promoting good health practices that increase the quality of life.