Resident Testimonials

"I have a place to live, and they love me. They do everything they can to see that I am happy.” ~Hazel Alger (Heartland Assisted Living resident)

“At the hospital they said, ‘You’ll never walk again.’ Hell, I proved ’em wrong,” ~Saatzer (Resident rehabilitated while at Heartland)

“’s entirely different. I come and go as I please. They’re agreeable, If there’s something I particularly like to eat, they’ll make it.” ~Margaret Woehst

"I would not want to be anywhere else! The employees and residents are very nice and the meals are delicious... And I can see the Beartooth mountains! Sunrises and sunsets!!" ~Monte Enberg (New Resident)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I decide which home is the best fit for my family member?
 · Finding an Assisted Living facility for a loved one can be a challenge; the best way to find a place to is to do your research. Look into costs and hidden costs, if there are restrictions on visitation, activities that are offered, and the general community itself. References may be available. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that you may have. Heartland has an open door policy and it desires a relationship with not only the resident, but also their family. We want our facility to be where your loved one calls home! 

2. What do we do when the care needs of my family members increase? 
· As our loved ones age, we may start to see the need for assistance increase; the facility is responsible to pick up on these changes and to have the resident evaluated in order to be sure that they are receiving the best quality of care based on their personal health needs. This evaluation of needs is on a case-by-case basis; Heartland allows for 3rd party services such as intermittent home health care or private duty nurses if the care required begins to exceed the level of care we can provide without interrupting the care of the fellow members of our community. Once the level of care exceeds what our facility is capable of administering, a move to a nursing home will most likely be the next step. 

3. How do you satisfy various dietary preferences? 
· Heartland takes pride in the amount of time and energy we put into our home-cooked, delicious meals. All meals are nutritious and well rounded. We offer a varied menu and often time’s base our meals off of resident requests. Diet limitations and special feeding instructions are always accommodated. 

4. What do you do if my family member’s mobility is compromised creating a risk for falling? 
· The basis of our facility is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our residents. We will be sure that your family member is accommodated through extra supervision and aide, an increase in awareness of possible hazards, both in common areas and the resident’s suite, as well as the opportunity for equipment to be made available to the resident. 

5. How do you meet the social needs and interests of the residents? 
 · Each day the residents are given at least two activities to participate in; these activities are designed to provide social interaction with not only fellow residents and staff members, but also members of surrounding communities. We also offer group functions, both on and off the facility. Activities are influenced by our resident’s interests. We are always open for suggestions and upon admission into the facility; we request a list of each resident’s favorite activities as well as interests. Our goal is to be creative and engage the residents in activities that help with self-worth and dignity.